About Tidal 
Throughout the duration of my career, spanning over 15 years working as a designer, I have always aimed to deliver the best possible outcomes for my clients by bringing much more than just design to a project, but also incorporating clear design thinking and strategy to underpin all creative decisions. I have worked for a variety of clients, from small businesses to larger organisations like Dior, Tabcorp and AIB. This has brought with it a wealth of experience dealing with unique design challenges, finding creative solutions and winning a number of awards along the way.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
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Our Services 
Tidal offers a wide range of creative services from initial concept development through to strategy and implementation. We work with a range of clients from small to medium sized business across a wide range of industries.      
Through strategy and creative solutions we help develop brand awareness, generate sales and increase profits. We have a simple approach, by working with you as a strategic partner we can better understad your business and create stronger more targeted creative solutions.   
Our services include: Branding, Brand Evaluation, Brand Strategy, Web Design, UI and UX Design, App Design, Packaging, Digital Design, Print Design as well as environmental design. View our full list of services on our services page by clicking the button below. 
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I have had the honour of being awarded a number of times for my work over the years. Although I do not see awards as a yard stick of success, it is still a really nice nod from our industry that our work is competing with the best in the business. 
2 X DMA Awards
1 X Spider Awards 
2 X IDI Awards Nominations
1 X Design & Design Publication 
1 X Civenix Stand Design Award ​​​​​​​
Packaging Design and Creative Service
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